Hopeless romantics and red-rose haters can look to one source for their love or cynicism every February 14: St. Valentine. Even though everyone knows the name, it is much less known about the actual man – to some, he may not even have been just one figure. Historical details are unclear, and the supposed theory is that one or multiple Valentines existed and may have been mixed up over the years.

Valentine was a Roman priest and doctor who was persecuted by the emperor Claudius II for marrying Christians, sentenced to death, was beaten, stoned, and finally beheaded…good times.

I get it. Most of you believe that V Day is a day for the marketing piranas at Hallmark. Unfortunately, some of us are single, miserable smart $hits that want to skip over the day completely. Some of us are celebrating our miserable smart lives by having a “F@#$ Valentine’s Day” themed party (like my sister has been doing for 15+ years now). Some of us just don’t give a $hit either way.

Me? As corny as it sounds,  I met the man of my dreams on the intrawebs almost a year ago. So if this is another excuse for an additional day that I get to tell Ryan how disgustingly in love with him I am, how lucky I am to have met/found him, how much I respect him, and how appreciative I am of him, well good! Because there arent enough days in the year for me to remind him.  Stop gagging.

All jokes aside, whether it’s the first date or the hundredth, mixing it up and trying something new for this one cheesy day with your significant other is always fun, and here in the Boston area, there’s plenty of innovative options to try out.

Have chocolate Paleo Cinnamon Balls for dinner, cook your favorite Paleo entree at the table, or just immerse everything you eat into melted cheese Almond butter and scarf it down with a glass of wine Coconut Water.


Here are a few of my favorite treats from my favorite Paleo Peeps that you can consider making this week:


Valentine’s Day Mousse by Melissa Joulwan

IMG 03361 1024x768 Apple Cinnamon Cookies

 Apple Cinnamon Cookies by Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations

strawberrypeachcobbler 1024x768 Strawberry Peach Cobbler


 Strawberry Peach Cobbler by Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations



 Chocolate Truffles by Michelle @ Nom Nom Paleo


Chocolate and Raspberry Pot de Creme by The Food Lovers’ Primal Palate


Chocolate Dipped Sugar Cookies with a Strawberry “Cream Cheese” Filling by Real Sustenance


Dark Chocolate Cookie Cups with Strawberry Cream from The Foodie and the Family


Vanilla Raspberry Swirl Cake by Clean Eats in the Zoo


Sweetheart Cupcakes with Naturally Tinted Frosting by Clean Eats in the Zoo

Apple Cider Paleo Donuts by Paleo Spirit

Multiply Delicious provides two recipes! First, Chocolate Coconut Doughnuts and then Dark Chocolate Fruit Hearts!


Almond and Coconut Truffle Tart by Neo Homesteading

Meyer Lemon Raspberry Tart from Urban Poser

Shirley from Gluten Free Easily -  Almond Coffee Chocolate Chip Cookies and Pomegranate Sherbert.



Super Simple Paleo(ish) White Chocolate for White Chocolate Strawberry Velvet Cake Balls by Paleo Parents

and Mexican Chocolate Whoopie Pies with Vanilla Bean Frosting by Paleo Parents